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ABUBA MAX - Giant Dog Carrier Backpack

ABUBA MAX - Giant Dog Carrier Backpack

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  • Worry-free Venturing with Harness-Conjoint Structure: The armholes of ABUBA MAX are ingeniously crafted in a harness-conjoint structure, ensuring a seamless fit. This innovative design minimizes safety concerns compared to traditional backpacks, as it hugs the body snugly without compromising mobility. Even those with delicate arms can revel in comfort while donning it, making every adventure an effortless joy.
  • Anti-Slip Zippers for Unforeseen Assurance: Ever felt a twinge of concern that your bag might accidentally unzip during your delightful excursions with your little one? With ABUBA MAX, Our anti-slip zippers are ingeniously designed to stay in place, ensuring the backpack remains securely fastened at all times.
  • Revolutionary Back Health Protection: If you're concerned about your dog's spinal well-being, look no further. ABUBA MAX backpack introduces a waist protection cover, patented in South Korea. This not only ensures the safety of your canine companion's back but also guarantees a snug and comfortable fit, prioritizing both health and comfort.
  • Effective Weight Distribution with Padded Hip Belt: Struggling with the weight of your dog during outings? The padded hip belt included in the ABUBA MAX backpack significantly reduces the burden of your dog's weight. it lessens the burden, and also ensures an even more comfortable wearing experience.
  • A Featherlight Large-Sized Canine Travel Companion: Were you burdened by the weight of the bag itself? With ABUBA MAX, bid adieu to such concerns. Crafted from lightweight materials, this backpack allows you to embark on journeys with your large-sized companion, unburdened by the weight of the bag itself. Embrace the freedom to wander anywhere, with nimbleness and ease as your faithful companions.
  • Center of Gravity-Centered Design: The ABUBA MAX backpack boasts an intelligently designed base with a diagonal curvature, offering your furry companion a cozy spot to rest their back against. Moreover, the design ensures that the backpack's base won't cause any discomfort for the wearer's back, even during prolonged usage. The result? An uninterrupted adventure where both you and your canine friend can explore without a worry about back pain hindering the journey.
  • Top-Ranked Backpack for Large-Sized Canines in Republic of Korea: As attested by a seven-year legacy of dog backpack sales, Pengineer proudly presents the most sought-after large-sized canine backpack in the heart of Republic of Korea. Our remarkable track record serves as a testament to the trust and preference bestowed upon us by countless pet owners. Join the ranks of satisfied adventurers who've chosen our backpack to enhance their furry friend's journeys.

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